Stories and Photographs

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Terrain 03

The trail to it was teeming with wild flowers. Upon reaching the cemetery, though, one would wonder where have all they gone.

Anglican cemetery, Sagada. / © Nick Tan

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Open House

The last time I went to the National Museum was when I was a high school freshman, more than a decade ago. It’s about time to go back and visit. Here are a few interesting images.

National Museum, Manila. / © Nick Tan

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Found 01

I wanted to see if my six-year old DSLR camera is still functioning after its long hiatus from being inside the camera bag. Aside from knowing that it can still take pictures, I also found things from previous trips. Probably the best among these is the loose change from early this month; finding extra cash, however small, has always been one of life’s greatest joys! Perhaps it is also a great time to revive my interest in telling stories through photographs.

© Nick Tan